Most of my work is closed-source, but here are some projects you can see.

Read my k-means clustering exploration, or watch the talk.

Check out the iOS workout app I built.

I built and maintain Uruk, the Clojure library for MarkLogic.

I created Tufte CSS and now maintain it in collaboration with Ed Tufte.

In collaboration with Matt Huebert and Jack Rusher I created a coding curriculum and environment for beginners, maria.cloud (GitHub). Relatedly, I coach Clojure beginners with ClojureBridge Berlin, which I help organize.


In the hopes of helping out a fellow Anglophone foreigner living in Turkey, I share some tidbits of knowledge about Izmir.

Enough people asked, so I wrote up my morning warm-up routine.

I have thoughts about hydraulic fracturing.


In the late 1940s my grandfather spoke about his experience as a German Jew fleeing Germany and then returning as a member of the Allied forces.

My 'Urgro├čvater` Hugo Liepmann has the distinction of his own Wikipedia page. For insight into his life I found Georg Goldenberg's paper Apraxia and beyond: life and work of Hugo Liepmann fascinating; I can assist with finding the full text if you're interested.

Perhaps of interest: Guide to the Papers of the Liepmann Family [1878-1933]