Most of my code is closed-source, but here is some of my public work. Further projects are on GitHub and at Applied Science.


I am one-third of the team behind, a web-based REPL optimized for beginners (especially at ClojureBridge) in a literate-programming style.

Watch me and my collaborators (Matt Huebert and Jack Rusher) introduce the tool at the ClojureD conference, or peruse the presentation slides. The code is published (but not fully licensed for re-use) on GitHub.

Tufte CSS

I created Tufte CSS and now maintain it in collaboration with Ed Tufte. Strangely, one of my most well-known projects, despite being done on a lark.

Clustering algorithms

I adapted a paper on k-means clustering into a REPL exploration and a conference talk.

make tired

I built a workout app for iPhone and iPad because I needed one. I designed it to give me an easier way to supplement my strength training with varied but effective cardio conditioning.

(The app is no longer available – after an iOS update that would have required I rewrite a large portion of it, I decided Apple's yearly fee was no longer a good deal.)