I also write about technical topics over at the Applied Science blog.

Design of a baby changing station

An integrated development environment for infant waste management.

My Library

My collection of other people's words.

High Return-on-Investment Exercises

Workout elements which I find give much general physical preparedness in return for effort invested.

My morning routine

Brief but essential maintenance for your body, every AM.

Two Stories of China

I made the terrible mistake of reading Iron & Silk and American Shaolin back-to-back.

My İzmir

2015-era recommendations for foreigners (especially ACI/SEV teachers and family) living in the Turkish coastal city of İzmir. Focuses on the Göztepe neighborhood.


Short fiction about the decisions we've made as a polity.

Catanese: The Medical Care of the Judoka

Book report of a text useful to all grapplers.

Ishikawa & Draeger: Judo Training Methods

Reporting on a book that changed judo physical culture.